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Subtickets not showing properly in issue list

Added by Helge Jung about 14 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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I'm using Redmine trunk (r3689) and tried out the Subtickets feature. I noticed that the intending of subtickets in the issue list only works if the parent issue has a higher issue id than the child issue (e.g. issue 42 being a subticket of issue 23 doesn't work, but 23 being a subticket of 42 does).

Another user also has this issue - see his comment for screenshots showing the problem: #443#note-203 (note-203)

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Related to Redmine - Feature #5196: Grouping, ordering and viewing issues list by parent tasksClosed2010-03-26

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Updated by Helge Jung about 14 years ago

Spelling mistake: I meant indenting, not intending ;-)

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Updated by Fede Garcia almost 14 years ago

I am using the release (candidate?) 1.0.0 and I can confirm this bug is present in that version too.
What I have found is depending on the sorting order of the issues view, the hierarchical relation will be shown or not. If the issues are sorted so that the parent issue is on top, then the hierarchy will be show with an arrow on each child. But if the children issues are sorted on top of the parent, then, the hierarchical relation is not shown.

In addition I summarize what I have experienced using subtasks, in relation to how they are displayed in redmine's different views:

  • Roadmap view: no hierarchy is shown
  • Version view: no hierarchy is shown
  • Calendar view: no hierarchy is shown
  • Gantt diagram: hierarchy shown using tab spaces
  • Issues view: hierarchy shown using arrows
  • Inside issue view: hierarchy shown using tab spaces, BUT only inside the children issues, NOT the parent issue

IMHO, I think that the subtasks/subticket feature doesn't seem to be completely ready for production yet.
I suggest that this bug report go to the 1.0.1 roadmap...


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Updated by Siegfried Vogel about 13 years ago


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Updated by Daniel Felix about 11 years ago

This issue is still valid. In some cases the ordering is broken.

It would be great to have a option for the filters "preserve hierarchy" which will keep the hierarchy and order elements just on the top level.

This is really annoying on bigger lists where subtasks are used excessively.

Maybe someone has a better idea or can take a look at it?

Best regards,

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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 11 years ago

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Updated by @ go2null over 9 years ago

Plugin Smart Issue Sort works - but it is quite slow, and slows down Redmine.

Integrating the functionality into Redmine core would be awesome.


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