Feature #5454

Per-user Email reminders on due/starting tickets

Added by Victor Dulepov over 12 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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RedmineReminderEmails will just send out notices to everyone. I would suggest making this a personal setting on My account page (like other notifications), allowing to set up the following:

  • send/don't send ticket reminders (checkbox);
  • frequency (daily/weekly/custom); can be done like in Hudson - a pure text input allowing cron syntax, defaulting to "0 8 * * *" (daily at 8am);
  • period before the Due/Start date to send out reminders - just like the days switch;
  • tickets to process(two multiselect listboxes - Trackers and Statuses).
  • use only Due or only Start date, or both (checkboxes).

Do we have anything cron-like internally?

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Looks not so interesting for normal workflow :-/

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