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15:34 Redmine Defect #21075: User without role in project is not shown as a selection option in Author filter (...
Another Scenario goes in the same direction:
* user _A_ creates a issue
* issue were assigned to user _B_
* admi...


13:30 Redmine Defect #13606: PDF and PNG export of Gantt loses issue numbers
(I´m very happy that "redmine_better_gannt" - plugin was implemented since Redmine 2.x; maybe anyone is able to...


14:37 Redmine Defect #14251: Redmine email reminders sending 4 emails everytime cron runs
same effect on _Windows Server_ and _Redmine 1.4.0_...


15:09 Redmine Feature #13373: copy a (sub-)project as "non-admin" user
I got a dirty workaround which works for me:
_somewhere betw...


19:25 Redmine Feature #5454: Per-user Email reminders on due/starting tickets
Looks not so interesting for normal workflow :-/


02:48 Redmine Feature #13373: copy a (sub-)project as "non-admin" user
There was already a plugin for deleting projects from their owner...
*Delete Project plugin*
> Delete project is ...


14:23 Redmine Feature #13373 (Closed): copy a (sub-)project as "non-admin" user
Hi there,
I haven´t found a way or workaround for the follow task:
* a normal user is allowed to create any pro...

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