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copy a (sub-)project as "non-admin" user

Added by Christian Buczek over 9 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Hi there,

I haven´t found a way or workaround for the follow task:

  • a normal user is allowed to create any projects (maybe the project foo )
  • this user where added to manager role for this project
  • this user also can edit his created project

So far, so good.

But I found no way that this user can copy his created project unless he is no redmine-admin (I only found the copy-dialog for projects under administration menu point :-/

Is it possible to set this right under roles ?
I only will allowed the user to get not permission denied error when he call http:// ... /projects/foo/copy
Possible destination places for the project copy seems for me:
  • all subprojects of source-project
  • root (copy as main-project)
  • any project where user has permission to create/edit project (nice to have, but not really necessary)

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#1 Updated by Christian Buczek over 9 years ago

There was already a plugin for deleting projects from their owner...

Delete Project plugin

Delete project is a plugin which adds an ACL to allow non-admin users to delete their own projects.
Author: Anthony Paul
Latest release: 0.0.3, 2010-05-05
Compatible with: Redmine 0.9.3
Discussions: http://www.redmine.org/boards/3/topics/13521
Public SCM: n/a
Public ITS: n/a

source: http://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/wiki/Plugin_List#Customer-plugin

But this is still offline (while only for 0.x version).I can imagine that both features has the same logic (for verify permission).

#2 Updated by Christian Buczek over 9 years ago

I got a dirty workaround which works for me:

somewhere between line 20 and 30:

  # CB: 2013-04-15 nachfolgend die Beschränkung, dass nur ein Admin ein Projekt kopieren kann, entfernt.
  # old: before_filter :authorize_global, :only => [:new, :create, :copy]
  # old: before_filter :require_admin, :only => [ :copy, :archive, :unarchive, :destroy ]
  before_filter :authorize_global, :only => [:new, :create ]
  before_filter :require_admin, :only => [ :archive, :unarchive, :destroy ]

now every user is abled to copy projects by entering the follows URL:

  • http: //localhost/redmine/projects/PROJECT_HE_IS_INVOLVED/ copy

note: dirty workaround, because every user can copy every project when he knows the internal project-id. By copying a project in which the user isn´t involved, he also has no access to the copy of the project as long he didn´t set the flag 'public project' by copying :-/

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and duplicated by #17961

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and duplicate of #4687.

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Sebastian Paluch wrote:

and duplicated by #17961

Jürgen Depicker wrote:

and duplicate of #4687.

Thanks for pointing it out.

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