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Control Email Notifications By Tracker (Issue Type)

Added by Ryan Melville almost 13 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

Email notifications
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I think it would be very useful for one to be able to control his/her email notifications by Tracker (Issue Type).

The "My Account" page currently allows control by project, but not for only select Trackers within projects. The criteria could be extended to optionally allow selecting particular Trackers within projects (or within all projects).

The use case here is as follows:

- One Redmine Project for an independently versioned software application.
- Multiple Trackers for this Project (Bug, Feature, Support, etc...).
- Some people are only interested in changes to Features (managers, marketing, sales, etc...).
- Some people are only interested in changes to Support requests (tech support).
- Some people are interested in all Tracker types for the project (developers).

Otherwise, marketing (for example) can't get notifications only for Feature changes - they must get all the "noise" from Bug changes as well. So they are apt to disable all notifications for the project and miss changes to Features.

A workaround is to have separate projects such as "My Project's Bugs" and "My Projects's Features". But this requires dual maintenance of projects (versions, categories, permissions, etc...). Also, it kind of defeats the purpose of having separate Trackers.

My guess is that this isn't a major change to the tool and it seems perfectly in line with its design and spirit - it's just an extension to the granularity of email notification preferences.

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Updated by James Rowe over 12 years ago


We have a similar issue.

If an issue is reported to us as a bug, and we log change logs and technical comments against the issue the end user sees them.

What we want is a distinction between a comment and a reply to an issue. Ie we as developers can comment on a bug issue, but those comments never reach the end user. However we can 'reply' to an issue to ask for more information or inform of them of a status change.

Yes I know we can turn off e-mails for comments, but that removes the e-mail for a request for more information.

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Updated by Andrey Shevchenko about 11 years ago

+1 for this issue.
We use Redmine as ticketing system - we want email notifications for tickets, but we don't need spam for all bugs realted to one ticket.

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Updated by Martin Hollerweger over 10 years ago


i need that feature too

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Updated by Martin Hollerweger over 10 years ago

I found a workaround.

Just go to issues and make your filter settings.

Copy the Atom feed in the right corner.

Go to and activate an E-Mail notifications for the feed.

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Updated by Aleksandar Varga about 10 years ago


Different persons are looking at different trackers.

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Updated by Dipan Mehta about 10 years ago

It does seems to be an interesting feature -however my guess is, the UI or config for this will be extremely complexity.

Following from what Martin, it is a good idea if we just save an issue queries and tick on a flag such as 'keep notifying updates'. Based on this, there can be a background rake task which can send out periodic digest mails.
This way we will not create too much noise and traffic and at the same time, provides us finest of granularity to control what we want to 'watch'

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Updated by Jan Mauersberger over 9 years ago

Dipan Mehta wrote:

It does seems to be an interesting feature -however my guess is, the UI or config for this will be extremely complexity.

Would it be possible to develop an easy workaround that is based on dedicated user defined fields either at the ticket or the user? Has anyone implemented a patch for the mailer script that allows the simple filtering of mails to at least have the chance to limit the number of mails based on certain criteria (as the tracker --> #13582)


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