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done ratio is not correct in one of the situations

Added by Kiwamu Kato almost 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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I noticed that done ratio is not correct in the situation.

Setting of Calculate the issue done ratio with: "Use the issue status".

Status          %Done
New             0
In Progress     10

1. Create issue with "New" status, then done ratio is 0%.
2. Change issue status to "In Progress", then done ratio is 10%.
3. Change back issue status to "New", then done ratio is NOT 0% but 10%.

4. On [Administration] -> [Issue Statuses], execute "Update issue done ratios", then done ration is 0%.

This is why IssueStatus#default_done_ratio? method returns false when default_done_ratio is ZERO.
I checked it trunk head and tags 1.0.1.

% ruby script/console
Loading development environment (Rails 2.3.5)
>> IssueStatus.find_by_name("New").default_done_ratio?
=> false
>> IssueStatus.find_by_name("In Progress").default_done_ratio?
=> true

A simple patch is below.

% svn diff
Index: app/models/issue.rb
--- app/models/issue.rb    (revision xxx)
+++ app/models/issue.rb    (working copy)
@@ -245,7 +245,7 @@

   def done_ratio
-    if Issue.use_status_for_done_ratio? && status && status.default_done_ratio?
+    if Issue.use_status_for_done_ratio? && status && !status.default_done_ratio.nil?

Thank you.

Kiwamu Kato

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#1 Updated by Mischa The Evil over 9 years ago

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Eric, can you take a look at this? I remember that you've written the code for the "Setting of Calculate the issue done ratio with: "Use the issue status""-feature...

#2 Updated by Felix Schäfer over 9 years ago

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Closing as a duplicate of #5170, will post a patch soon there.

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