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Added by Shaytu Schwandes about 12 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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I have a few ideas to enhance the edit tracker view.

Indicate archived projects

The edit tracker view shows the projects where the tracker is in use and includes archived projects, which it should, but it doesn't indicate the archived projects.

Option 1
  1. Make the active project names links to the project
  2. Leave the archived project names black w/o link

Project 1
Project 2

Option 2
  1. Add a "View" link at the end of each project name
  2. Add an "Archived" label at the end of each archived project name

Project 1 View
Project 2 Archived

Italicizing the archived project names would work too.

Indicate issues in each project

Another idea is to indicate the number of issues in each project with the selected tracker. This could be done in a similar format as on the Project overview.

(20 open / 500) or (500 issues)

This issue total could also function as a link to the project issue view filtered to the tracker being edited.

Project 1 (20 open / 500)
Project 2 (500 issues) Archived

This is quite useful when you are not a member in every project (as I'd expect most administrators are). These changes would make it much easier to determine the usage of a tracker and would greatly assist when attempting to delete a tracker as I was doing when I came up with these ideas.

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#1 Updated by Robert Schneider over 11 years ago

I'm wondering if the archived projects could be removed from the view. Does it make sense to edit them if they are archived?

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