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Repetitive tasks ?

Added by Frank Helk over 11 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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The issue just came up to me, while I was doing some work that comes up every quarter.

I have some tasks coming up endless cycling, i.e. the preparation of mothly/quartery/yearly reports.

I would appreciate

  • a type of tracker that goes back to some "open" state (preferably "assigned") on predefined intervals, or
  • some kind of facility that spawns a new ticket at those predefined intervals

The definiton part could be an extension to the "new ticket" form, i.e.

[  ] Resurrect ticket every [<num>] [days/weeks/months/years], beginning on [date], to status [...].


[  ] Repeat ticket creation every [<num>] [days/weeks/months/years], beginning on [date].

There should be a special permission to make tickets repetitive, and management could be done on the standard ticket edit form.

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#1 Updated by Tomasz Sawicki over 10 years ago

Same as #1176?

+1 by the way..

#2 Updated by Etienne Massip over 10 years ago

Tomasz Sawicki wrote:

Same as #1176?

Not exactly, thanks for pointing out this relationship.

#3 Updated by Frank Helk over 10 years ago

I've described a way to do both this and #1176 in issue #1176 ...

#4 Updated by Luc GIROUX over 9 years ago


#5 Updated by Adrian Rotaru over 9 years ago


#6 Updated by Martin G over 9 years ago


#7 Updated by Leonardo Salgado about 9 years ago


#8 Updated by Dotan Cohen almost 9 years ago

Please make clear how this issue differs from #1176. Thanks.

#9 Updated by Frank Helk almost 9 years ago

OK - I've read again over this ticket and #1176 along with the comments and contemplated over 'em.

The requested features look similar, and I admit that they basically propose the same thing. I presume that if the feature gets implemented in a way like I've outlined it detailed in #1176#note-46, it will probably fit both requests good enough to satisfy both.

#10 Updated by Frank Helk over 6 years ago

Any news on that ?

I'm still in need for that ...

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