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Assign Priority based on Category

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I have a rather strange request from a Customer and am wondering if there is already a patch for this somewhere (since I suck at Ruby).

The basic Idea is that the category a ticket is in determines it's Priority. I can hide the Priority from the form so users can't set that. But I somehow need to assign the priority based on what category is selected.

It would require extending either the data-model, or hacking directly into issues.rb with some before_create method and a switch statement on my categories.

Is there an existing patch out there for this? Because I am tempted to simply hack this into issue before_create, but then I'd had to make sure it only runs on this one project etc..

0001-Implemented-IssueCategory-default-Priority-setting.patch Magnifier (3.99 KB) Daniel Hoelbling, 2011-04-18 11:54

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I think I fixed the issue myself.
Attached you can find my patch that does this pretty much in the same way as assign_to is being handled

Unfortunately I am a complete stranger to Rails so I really didn't know how to effectively write a test for this.. (it's all magic!) but from my testing so far it works.

greetings Daniel

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Anyone can think of any alternative?

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