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Removing CustomValue with related User object

Added by Jozef Vaclavik over 11 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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I'm working on plugin which creates CustomValue with relation to User (User has UserCustomField created). When I erase User object, it will not erase his CustomValue object. The problem is, that I'm searching for User according to value in his CustomValue, and if User object is erased, CustomValue object remains in DB. I was expecting that CustomValues are erased with related object.

Maybe it is defect, maybe it is feature and maybe I should just patch it in my plugin. But right now it's not behavior which I'm expecting and I have to deal with it somehow.




Redmine: devel (Revision 5881)
DB: postgres
rails: 2.3.11
ruby: 1.8.7


#1 Updated by Jozef Vaclavik over 11 years ago

The point also is, that I would prefer to avoid adding column to User table in migration. Thats why I'm using Custom fields. Even that this would be probably the best option.

#2 Updated by Etienne Massip over 11 years ago

Post your code in Development forum.

#3 Updated by Jozef Vaclavik over 11 years ago

There is no code necessary. If I create UserCustomField through the Administration page, I set up value in User settings, when I delete user, the value remains in DB (in table CustomValues).

#4 Updated by Etienne Massip over 11 years ago

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Ok, now I get it.

There should be the same issue with other models, like deleting an issue with a custom field value ?

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