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Save received email as an attachment, not as a comment

Added by Martin E. about 13 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

Email receiving
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The "receive email" feature ( is really a great thing.

At the moment it is only possible to add received emails as a comment and mail attachments as Redmine attachments.
I'd like to have an option that these mails itself are saved as an attachment to the issue, e.g. in .msg or .eml format.

We mostly store email correspondency to the issues, but this results in long scrolling pages.


email.patch (969 Bytes) email.patch Joe Darkless, 2014-06-16 08:54

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Updated by Etienne Massip about 13 years ago

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Updated by Rachid B over 10 years ago

It is really useful to have mails saved as an attachment. Redmine stripes a lot of information from the mails. So for example if the client marks some parts in the mail with red, this information is lost in the issue.
A solution like in would be very helpful

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Updated by Joe Darkless about 10 years ago

I have tweaked a functionality of redmine so that it will store an email as an attachement if there is a HTML content.
I have created patch file (though I am quite new to making patches). It is created for redmine version 2.4.5, but it can easily be customized for any purposes.

This feature request has few things in common with issue:

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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA almost 10 years ago

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Updated by Arron Woods over 8 years ago

Was looking for this functionality, but didn't want to patch the file.

I've written a plugin that uses the code in Joe's patch, but that also saves the HTML as one attachment, and the full email source as another. If anyone is interested in using it, I've submitted it to the plugin directory:

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Updated by Aleksandar Pavic over 4 years ago

+1 This should be configurable in options.

Many people using Redmine as support system, need exact time email was sent.
Information if there was cc in email headers, etc...


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