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Export issue to PDF - broken character encoding

Added by Maxim Krušina about 16 years ago. Updated over 14 years ago.

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When exporting ticket to PDF, some national characters are broken. Probably bad support for UTF-8 or maybe PDF convertor doesn't use appropriate font with full UTF-8 support.

Here is example:


redmine-856.pdf (2.23 KB) redmine-856.pdf Maxim Krušina, 2008-03-14 17:30

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Actions #1

Updated by Maxim Krušina about 16 years ago

And here is attached PDF with bad characters...

Actions #2

Updated by Nikolay Solakov about 16 years ago

I think I found something about this problem:

the fonts in the generated pdf file are Helvetica, Helvetica-Bold and Helvetica-Oblique
I don't have these fonts and the Acrobat Reader uses some arial fonts, but it seems they don't support full utf-8.
So, the result is broken characters (in my case Bulgarian).
JP, if there is a way to change the font in the pdf when exporting it, please try it.


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Updated by Maxim Krušina about 16 years ago

Problem is also in encoding, which is set to ANSI, but should be set to UTF-8. Also, it should be good idea to use OpenType fonts, because they are platform-independent (I'm not sure how it's with OpenType on Linux).

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Updated by Michael Baikov almost 16 years ago

There is a new version of rfpdf based on other pdf encoder -
I got correct russian letters using it and FreeSans fonts in linux

Actions #5

Updated by Thomas Lecavelier almost 16 years ago

There news about PDF generation.

  1. Michael Baikov successfully upgrade Redmine with the latest rfpdf, see this thread
  2. There's a new cool kid in the place: Prawn is a full ruby PDF generator. Easy usage, nice features (text + images and so on) and of course deal great with UTF-8 and fonts.

Could be interesting to compare rfpdf and Prawn...

Actions #6

Updated by Gregory Brown almost 16 years ago

Prawn can definitely handle the PDF output here, at least what I see when I click the PDF button on the bottom right. If someone wants to build a Prawn based patch for Redmine, get in touch and I'll help with whatever you need.

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Updated by Michael Baikov almost 16 years ago

I will try to make a Prawn based patch.

Actions #8

Updated by Michael Baikov almost 16 years ago

I checked several things. Prawn can be used there, but lacks certain features: bold/italic fonts are most important to make reports identical to those, which created with rfpdf right now. I will add Prawn support to redmine, but i do not want to fix prawn as well :)

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Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 15 years ago

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Dup of #61.

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Updated by Nikolay Kotlyarov over 14 years ago

+1 for this issue. Export PDF is broken for Russian language.

Way to reproduce:
Select "My account" on the top of this page and change language to Russian or Bulgarian.
Then just export any issue from this site to PDF.


Also available in: Atom PDF