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Duplicate issue search on new issue submit

Added by David B over 12 years ago. Updated about 12 years ago.

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When a user is creating a new issue, it would be helpful to search for duplicate issues to prevent multiple issues being created for the same reasons.

Sites like do this really well when creating a new question. It's AJAXed however a 'on submit' option would also suffice.

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Is duplicate of Redmine - Feature #5840: Live lookup of the existing issues based on the keywords entered in the title for new issueNew2010-07-08

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Updated by Mischa The Evil about 12 years ago

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For referencing: initiated via Search Open Issues before Creating New Issue.

How do you think this search has to be done? Based on what information do you want this feature to determine whether or not the to-be-created issue will be a duplicate? Not to speak about the likely to arise performance issues whenever issues are submitted...

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Updated by David B about 12 years ago

I admit im not a redmine developer and know nothing about ruby/rails. But doing a fulltext style search (sphinx or mysql) on title and description of issues in the same project. The search would probably only try to match the newly created issue title with the existing open issues.

Performance is important so I would suggest:
1. when the user has entered something into the title of the issue and has taken focus off to then initiate an ajax search
or do it on submit of the issue. However this will slow down the issue creation

Eitherway, it could really help for teams who have rather large lists of issues and a large team working within redmine.

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Sorry, this is a duplicate of #5840.

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Updated by David B about 12 years ago

Etienne Massip wrote:

Sorry, this is a duplicate of #5840.

I rest my case...

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