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Archive elements in a list custom field

Added by Rob D about 11 years ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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I would like the ability to remove/archive elements from a list custom field, but still allow them to be valid for issues that already have that element selected. Any new issue created will not be able to select that removed/archived element from the list.

Right now if I create a required custom field called 'Component', change the format to List, and add elements to the list. Then create a new issue, select a 'Component A' from the list. Then in the future, maybe a new project version where we do not support 'Component A' anymore, so I delete 'Component A' from the list because the list of components is really large and I want to make it easier to find relevant components. If I view the issue I created previously, it will still have that 'Component A' listed, but if I try to update the issue I am forced to select another component, even though the old one is still relevant.

I would like some way to archive items from a list, so that they no longer appear in the list when creating a new issue, but are still a valid selection for issues that already have that item selected.

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