Jonas De Meulenaere

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14:08 Redmine Feature #16098: On relation change/add notification setting


10:17 Redmine Feature #10943: Query issues based on activity history


11:57 Redmine Defect #4472: Escape <code> tag
The only way to display a @code@ tag is with HTML escaping (using &amp;lt;), but only in clear text:


09:22 Redmine Defect #4472: Escape <code> tag
This issue remains a problem. I'm using Redmine 2.4.3.stable.
I try to display an XML response in a ticket. I use ...


21:55 Redmine Feature #5506: Make it easier to select multiple issues via checkboxes
Use Crtl instead to select individual lines. Shift selects a range of lines ( This behaviour is identical ...
21:51 Redmine Feature #5705: Display Issue Closed Date on Calendar View
What is your use case for which issue closed dates must be displayed?
12:13 Redmine Defect #7014: See all issues
(You can remove the estimated time again)


10:44 Redmine Plugins: RE: New plugin: Redmine Pastebin!
Please add more information to your "Plugin at the Plugins Directory": (what i...


08:45 Redmine Feature #4677: Add a filter on the "My reported issues" block
+1 for me
The widgets on "my page" should filter the closed tickets, but only the "Issues assigned to me" widget doe...


16:31 Redmine Feature #1432 (Closed): Add "follows" issue relation
To relate issues, I have the possibility to choose "precedes", which is very nice. However, most of the times I'm add...

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