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Custom field: issue linking

Added by Maxim Krušina over 7 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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I desperately need the custom field for issue lining.
Example: I have one tracker named "Customers". Another tracker called "Jobs" (currently we're using this in our production).
What I need is to link job with the customer. I know it can be done by ticket relations but it's not exactly what I need.
If there will be some possibility of filtering, it can be really nice (like show only tickets from this project / this tracker).

I can write more detailed documentation for this.
We can even pay for development of this functionality.
Thanx :)

More ideas:
  • How to make a list of possible tickets filterable: Just create the custom query. In the configuration of the custom field, a user can select custom query (Select or just enter custom query's id) which will filter out possible values.
  • Which UI element to use: I have two ideas: Select, for shorter lists and Whisperer for longer lists.

Inter-linking of issues will really move Redmine a lot for other non-sw development projects, like asset/job tracking, etc.

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Updated by Maxim Krušina over 7 years ago

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Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 7 years ago

To make sure I understand correctly, you would like a custom field that holds an issue id, right?
And that it could be chosen among the issues returned by an issue query?

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Updated by Maxim Krušina over 7 years ago

Exactly! Basiclly it's for interlinking tickets (Job > Customer). Filtering is just idea, how to implement it. And Custom issue query seems to me as most simple and also most flexible way how to implement it. For example, I have one project+tracker where we have all Jobs and another project+tracker, where we have all our customers (yes, Redmine is really great not only as issue tracker, but as a general business tool!). SO first I was thinking how to "tell" this datatype which issues it should list (display) and then custom query seems to e most flexible way, how to do it. Why?
  • It's already part of Redmine
  • It's extremely flexible
  • It will expanded in the future
  • Everyone can adopt their very different scenarios, like list issues from specific project/tracker, user, etc.etc.
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Updated by Jonas De Meulenaere 9 months ago

I would need the same, but for versions. We (ab)use Redmine also for deployment requests, so we'd like to add the deployment request Issue as a custom field to the Version. Currently, we manage to do this by using a custom field of type "Text" and the "Link values to URL" option to link to the the Issue, but this doesn't show the linked Issue as barred when closed.
Note that the deployment request issues are in a different project.


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