Redmine 4.2.10 and 5.0.5 released

Added by Marius BÄ‚LTEANU about 1 year ago

Redmine 4.2.10 and 5.0.5 have been released and are available for download, you can review the changes in the Changelog.

Security: these 2 maintenance releases contain some security fixes, you can review them in Security Advisories.

Many thanks to all contributors that worked on the fixes!


Added by Massimo Rossello about 1 year ago

I am watching page and I have notification setting "Only for things I watch or I'm involved in", but I haven't received any email notification for this news, nor the preceding ones.

Am I missing anything? How can I get notified by email about new releases? I remember I received the notifications once ago.

Added by Holger Just about 1 year ago

Happy release day! Thanks to all contributors who made this release possible!

As always when there are security-related updates in a Redmine release, we have updated the Redmine Security Scanner to recognize the new versions and past vulnerabilities. Feel free to subscribe for a regular scan to get email updates whenever the security status of your Redmine changes.

Added by qawsed Q about 1 year ago

Hello! There is bug in RM 5.0.4
If users role have permission "edit_own_issues", but not have "edit_issues", he can change status from contex menu, but have no ability to change status from issue page (page, that load after clicking to theme from issues list). At the right side statuses, that this role can change, rendering just if user have "edit_issues" permission.

Added by Julien Savard about 1 year ago

According to the install page ( Redmine 4.2 seems to still use ruby 2.7.
Ruby 2.7 will be eol in 2 weeks from now.
Any plan to support ruby 3.0 ( or better) on Redmine 4.2 ?

Added by qawsed Q about 1 year ago

Hello! you are banned me, I do not know why.
In any casem please, add to Wiki link to video-manual of Redmine principles and how to setup it.
It is not for money, just for help to users to understand how Redmine NICE!!! ))