Redmine 1.1.1 released

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 9 years ago

This 1.1.1 maintenance release fixes 19 defects and includes an upgrade to the latest stable release of Coderay, the syntax highlighter used in Redmine.

Those who use cgi/fastcgi to run Redmine should note that the default .htaccess included in the Redmine source code has been renamed to htaccess.fastcgi.example (see #7256). So if you were using it, don't forget to rename it back to .htaccess.


Added by Sven Culley over 9 years ago

Thank you

Added by Deoren Moor over 9 years ago

Thanks for the release guys!

Added by Ляпапам Ляпапамов over 9 years ago

Настройки веб-сервера вообще надо бы засунуть куда-нибудь подальше :)

Added by Barra Pilsy over 9 years ago

Well done guys! Keep up the excellent work. Love you x.

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Thank you for your efforts