Redmine 2.2.3 fix and security release

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 9 years ago

Redmine 2.2.3 fixes a few detects and was upgraded to Ruby on Rails 3.2.12 which fixes several vulnerabilities.
You can read the Changelog and download it at Rubyforge.


Added by Florian S. almost 9 years ago

Thanks for your work!

Added by Jean-Baptiste Barth almost 9 years ago

Fwiw, 2.1.6 has not been patched but seems to work fine with Rails 3.2.12 and the latest json gem. The test suite remains green. I think users who are stuck in this version can safely tweak their Gemfile, run bundle update rails and then restart their app.

Added by Terence Mill almost 9 years ago

Thx for great project!