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Author: Joao Costa
Code repository: git://
Registered on: 2012-12-11 (almost 11 years ago)
Current version: 0.9.0
Compatible with: Redmine 2.1.x
User ratings:   (3)

This plugin generates line graphical indicators, per Project and open Versions, used in EVM (Earned-Value Management). It shows actual cost (hours reported in log time), planned value (estimated hours indicated in new issue), and earned value distributed in weeks / years. It also shows cpi and spi indicators. Tested on redmine 2.1.3

Installation notes

  • ZIP Method
    1. Download
    2. Unzip to {redmine_root}/plugins/
    3. Rename redmine_evm_master to redmine_evm

Restart redmine;


0.9.0 (2012-12-10)

Compatible with Redmine 2.1.x.

User ratings

  by vignesh moorthy over 6 years ago

After updating the issue, EVM Page is n't opening.

And throwing the following error ::
DEPRECATION WARNING: Passing the format in the template name is deprecated. Please pass render with :
ActionView::Template::Error (String can't be coerced into Fl

  by thomas S over 8 years ago

Tests this plugin is 3.0, but still got an error when trying to configure.
Asking for name and date when configuring baseline, even if fields are not empty

  by M Akbari over 9 years ago

Great plugin. Tracking EVM will be a tedious task to calculate manually.