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The Redmine BugMash is based on Rails Bridge's BugMash, which has been a successful event for Ruby on Rails.


Our goal with each BugMash is to clean up Redmine and and get many people contributing to Redmine. There are many areas to help:

  • Fix a known bug
  • Report a new bug
  • Test and verify a patch
  • Create and update the documentation
  • Close old and duplicated

Check the current BugMash page for specific issues that have been proposed for the BugMash.

Official hours

The BugMash will run from Saturday midnight GMT (00:00:00 GMT) to the end of Sunday GMT (23:59:59).

IRC support

Experienced Redmine developers and team leaders will be available on IRC for as many hours during the BugMash as possible. If you're having trouble with anything, please come by and join us in the #redmine channel on Freenode.

You can also contribute outside of these hours, we want more contributors... at any time.


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