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Joshua Judson Rosen, 2013-09-04 23:09
Include Defect #6609: "% Done for Parent Tasks [2]", which discusses weighting %done-ness between sub-issues.

DoneRatio issues overview


This page lists an overview of open issues which are speaking specifically about changing the done ratio (% Done) behavior in several ways. This list could be used while managing all the issue duplicates.

Current options for "Calculate the issue done ratio with"-setting

  1. Use the issue field (option 1)
  2. Use the issue status (option 2)

Issue list

Implementation of existing "Use the issue status"-setting (option 2)

  • Patch #4274: Use Issue status for percent done
    • Revision r31511, "added by Eric Davis over 3 years ago"

Requests (and patch) for adding 3rd option "Use the logged and estimated time"

  • Feature #952: Update % to be programatic not arbitrary
  • Feature #3719: Automatical % Done regarding to Spent Time / Estimated Time
  • Feature #7545: Calculate the issue done ratio
  • Feature #7635: Edit % Done while logging time
  • Feature #11999: Calculating issue done ratio based on "Estimated Time" and "Spent Time" - selectable by project (not globally)
  • Feature #12347: "Calculate the issue done ratio" per project configuration
  • Feature #12762: Add option to calculate done ratio with the data from time tracking
  • Patch #13400: Calculate %done based on estimated and logged time

Requests (and plugin) for adding 4th option "Use the issue status and field"

Requests to be able to change done ratio via commit messages (ext. #1518 and #4155)

  • Feature #7376: Allow percent done to be updated via VCS commit message
  • Feature #9715: New Update issue done ratio from commit message
  • Feature #12815: implement commit keyword to set or to increase issue done ratio of referenced ticket

Requests to automatically change done ratio to 100% when an issue is closed (assigned closed marked status)

  • Feature #1306: New resolution fixed and % done out of sync
  • Feature #12868: status related to progress bar

1 Commit-msg of r3151:

Adds a Setting to control how an Issue's done_ratio is calculated:
• Issue field (default) - the done_ratio field for the Issue
• Issue status - uses the Issue Status's value