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Daniel Lopez, 2009-12-19 19:20
Installers are not virtual appliances. Restore Jumpbox. They are commercial but that is no reason to remove them


Latest stable release: 0.8.7 (2009-11-15)

Redmine releases can be downloaded at RubyForge.
See the Changelog for details, RedmineInstall for installation instructions and.

Latest source code

You can get the latest source code of Redmine from the Subversion repository hosted at Rubyforge:

or from the git mirror:

This is the prefered way to get Redmine if you want to benefit from the latest improvements and be able to upgrade easily.


You can checkout the latest development source from the trunk with one of the following commands:

svn co redmine
svn co svn:// redmine

or, from the git mirror:

git clone git://

0.8 Stable

You can checkout the latest stable source with one of the following commands:

svn co redmine-0.8
svn co svn:// redmine-0.8

It will create a directory named redmine-0.8 and you'll be able to update your Redmine copy using svn update in this directory.

Alternative Sources

All-In-One Installers

Installers that include Redmine and all software necessary to run

Software Appliances / Cloud Images

Provide virtual machine images tgat include the operating system, Redmine and all software necessary to run

  • JumpBox for Redmine - Commercial, Ubuntu-based virtual machines and cloud images for Redmine.


If you get this error when trying to checkout the source:

"PROPFIND 200 OK" error

Please contact your network administrator and ask him to enable WebDAV extension in your proxy.

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