HowTo Install Redmine on Solaris

Easiest is probably to use solaris packages for the basic Ruby and rubygems infrastructure, and then install the remaining parts in a local home directory.


First, as root, run:

pkg-get install ruby rake rubygems

You'll also want Ruby drivers for you databases, which are in one of these packages:

  • libpgsql-ruby for PostgreSQL
  • libmysql-ruby
  • libsqlite3-ruby

Configure your user environment

As an individual user, edit your ~/.bashrc file and add a line such as this:

export GEM_PATH=$HOME/gems

Log out and back on. Make sure your GEM_PATH is set:

echo $GEM_PATH

And make the directory for the gems:

mkdir ~/gems

Now, install rails:

gem install -i $GEM_PATH rails -y

Then proceed to the RedmineInstall instructions.

If you will be running this under FastCGI or some other environment, make sure the GEM_PATH gets passed along.

step-by-step how to for enabling fastCGI here)

Thanks to HowTo Install Redmine in a home directory on Debian for help with this procedure.

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