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Anonymous, 2011-10-15 12:56

HowTo keep simply in sync Redmine with GitHub

There are a lot of means out there, here is the simplest one I have found out :

1. Install the GitHub Hook plugin, it works with Redmine 1.2.1 too

2. In Redmine, go in Administration/Settings and click on the Repository tab
  • Enable Git as SCM.
  • Select "auto-fetch commits"
  • Click on "Enable WS for repository management", generate an API key and copy it, we'll need it in a few minutes.
  • Click "Save".
3. Now, you have to create a local repository on the machine Redmine is installed
  • Use specifically the command git clone --mirror [repo_url].
  • Pay attention to the fact that Redmine needs read rights on this folder.
  • Go then in your projects settings, in the "repository tab". Select "Git" as SCM, and fill the absolute path to the local repository you created just above.
4. Finally go to GitHub
  • Select your repository and click on "Admin".
  • Click on the "Service Hooks" tab and select Redmine in the list.
  • Scroll up to fill needed information, don't forget the API Key we generated earlier. For instance, if your project url is :

Adress =

Project = my_project

API Key = the API key we got from Redmine

  • Click "Update Settings" and your are done !