Issue description edit UI/UX issues overview


This page lists an overview of issues which are speaking about a/the 'issue description edit' UI/UX issue.

The initial change that is the root of these long-standing issues is r1129, which itself was done in preparation for #563 and #607. After that, r8102 for #7603 intended to (and does to a certain extend) elevate the reports up to then. Nevertheless, it still seems it could use optimization/redesign based on the issues reported after that change for #7603.

This list could be used for tracking all these issues and for getting an insight into what is actually expected.

Issue list (chronological)

Initial report

  • Patch #1487: subject and description edition on Issues are hard to find

Reports effectively duplicating #1487

  • Defect #2000: Can't edit subject or description of original ticket
  • Feature #3182: Allow edit to the issue's description field
  • Feature #3696: Description editing
  • Defect #4241: possibility to change title of a task
  • Defect #4900: The (more) link when managers change properties should be more obvious
  • Feature #6165: Ability to edit existing description
  • Feature #7603: Please make editing issues more obvious than "Change properties (More)"

Reports effectively after r8102 for #7603

  • Defect #10547: Editing Ticketname and Description possible with some bug
  • Defect #10695: Regression: Feature for 1.4.0 (#7603) showing "Please make editing issues more obvious than "Change properties (More)"" has removed ability to change description
  • Defect #11392: Cannot edit issue description
  • Feature #22793: Description Editing
  • Feature #28200: Improve the UI/UX of the 'issue description edit' feature

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