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Victor Dulepov, 2011-02-18 13:22

Blocks Layout plugin


Controls presence of boxes on Home and Project Overview.

Uses additional boxes provided by Basic Polls and Latest Forum Messages plugins; adds them to the list of available blocks on My Page.

Tweaks page layouts (that's just hardcoded, no user-controlled reordering) aiming to place more "static" information in the left column, and the "dynamic" part - on the right, like that:

Project Description Open Polls
Issue Tracking Latest News
Members Latest forum messages
Latest News Latest forum messages
Latest Projects Open Polls


  • Home: click Edit Home Page and checkmark the boxes to be dispayed. Administrator permissions required.
  • Overview: go to Settings - Modules and enable Redmine blocks. Go to project's Overview, click Edit Page and checkmark the boxes to be displayed. Project manager permissions required.
  • My Page: click Personalize; use additional entries in the dropdown list to customize the page.


Plugin Version Redmine compatibility
0.0.1 0.9.4
0.0.2 1.0.3-1.1.0




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