Project Scores Plugin

A plugin that will let a user score a project on different criteria.

Alpha Release

WARNING: This plugin is an Alpha release and should not be used on a production system.


  • Projects can be scored based on user defined values
  • Score groups can be setup to rank a project in different areas (e.g. Profitability, Fun)
  • Total score for a project is calculated


Installation and Setup

There are three ways to download it:
  1. Download the plugin. There are three supported ways:
    • Downloading the latest archive file from Little Stream Software projects
    • Checkout the source from Subversion
      svn co svn:// redmine_project_scores_plugin
    • Install it using Rail's plugin installer
      script/plugin install svn://
  2. Install the plugin as described here (this plugin does require migrations).
  3. Login to your Redmine install as an Administrator.
  4. Enable the "Score Module" permissions for your Roles.
  5. Add the "Score module" to the enabled modules for your project.
  6. The link to the plugin should appear on that project's navigation.


0.0.1 Release announcement

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