Main features of the plugin:
  • Add 3 actions in repository views: "upload files", "new folder" and "delete file/folder". Right now, only subversion and filesystem SCM are supported...
  • Add a new macro scm_show to include repository inside a wiki page

Development was done using REDMINE trunk r3826 (=> 0.9.5 +) but any release after 0.9 should work

About subversion support:
To commit changes in Subversion, the plugin opens the repository with the file protocol. For this reason, you need the following:
  • The repositories have to be installed on the REDMINE server.
  • Plugin will replace the beginning of your repository location ([protocol]://[server]/" with "file:///svnroot/". You may need to create a symbolic link /svnroot for this to work...

About filesystem support:
if root path url ends with "files", the plugin will try to maintain an alternate folders tree for the files attributes. To do that, the plugin will look if an "attributes" folder exists at the same level as the "files" folder. For example, if your root path is "/repo/project/files", the plugin will look for "/repo/project/attributes". If this folder exists then files attributes (currently: author name, only) will be managed in this folder...


1. Install plugin into vendor/plugins

Install redmine_scm_extensions with:

No DB migration is required...

2. Restart your web server

3. Configure REDMINE with your web browser

If everything is OK, you should see "SCM extensions" in the plugin list (Administration -> Plugins)

A new permission is now available (SCM extensions -> Update repository) and you have to assign it to the roles you need


3.2 2016-03-07
  • Wanted to use this as a plugin for latest version 3.2 but got errors
  • Changed the /plugins/redmine_scm_extensions/config/routes.rb as follows -

#map.connect ':controller/:action/:id'
match 'projects/:id/scm_extensions/:action', :controller => 'scm_extensions'

#map.connect ':controller/:action/:id'
get 'projects/:id/scm_extensions/:action', :controller => 'scm_extensions'
post 'projects/:id/scm_extensions/:action', :controller => 'scm_extensions'

  • NOTE - I am NOT an expert just an enthusiastic user so if there's a better way by all means use it. But, for me, this worked and I can now do the following -
    1) Create a repository directory under the standard /files directory for any given project like files/repositories/internal
    2) add that as a repository
    3) Add the SCM priv to manager, and add the SCM module to a project
    4) You will now see the add file/directory etc
0.0.2 : 2010-08-03
  • new: support READ/WRITE operations for filesystem SCM
  • new: send email to selected members if upload completes successfully

0.0.1 : 2010-07-23
Initial release

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