Simple CI Plugin

A generic plugin for integrating per project RSS continuous integration feeds in Redmine.

It can be downloaded from the Redmine Subversion repository:

svn co svn://


Plugin setup

1. Install the plugin as described here (this plugin doesn't require migration).

2. Go to "Admin -> Custom fields" and create a Project custom field of string type, named 'CC feed URL' for example.

3. Go to "Admin -> Information" to configure the Simple CI plugin:

  • Project custom field storing CI feed URL: select the newly created custom field.
  • Successfull build keyword: enter a keyword or a regular expression that will be used to determine if a build was successfull. A build is considered successfull if the corresponding feed item title matches the keyword or the regular expression.
  • Show full description of build results: builds full descriptions can be displayed: always, only for failures or never.

Enabling CI at project level

Go to "Project settings" :

1. On the "Modules" tab, enable the module by checking "Continuous integration".

2. On the "Information" tab, enter the URL for the project CI feed in the custom field you've just created (eg. 'CC feed URL')

After that, a new item named "Integration" should show up in the project menu. Click on this item to see the build results.

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