Tab plugin

A Redmine plugin which adds new Redmine tabs to embed content from an iframe on a per-project and system-wide base.


  • James Turnbull

Latest release

The currently available, latest release of the plugin is version 0.4.0. Does also work with Redmine version 2.5.


For the complete changelog see the CHANGELOG-file in the Tab plugin directory.


The Tab plugin is a Redmine plugin which provides the ability to create a new Redmine tab, to embed content from an iframe, on a per-project base. This is done by storing the iframe-snippet in a project custom field.
It also provides the ability to add a new, system-wide top menu tab. The iframe-source for that tab can be configured in the plugin settings.

Besides these two features it also allows you to modify the actual tab and link names, without changing the source of the plugin, in the plugin settings.


This plugin is compatible with both Redmine 0.8.x and Redmine trunk.


URL of the GitHub repository:

The source of this plugin can be "cloned" from the GitHub-repo using:

$ cd {RAILS_ROOT}/plugins
$ git clone git://


  1. Download the plugin from the available source (see "obtaining")
  2. Install the plugin as described at: (this plugin does not require a plugin database migration)
  3. Restart Redmine


Project-specific tabs

This plugin creates a project-menu tab in which you can embed an iframe. You can globally configure the name of the tab in the Plugins -> Tab Plugin configuration options, under "Project Specific -> Tab Name" (default is "Tab Name").
The iframe-sources for the individual projects can be configured on a per-project base using the value of a pre-configured project custom field (configured under "Project Specific -> Tab Text" (default is "none").

  1. You need to go to 'Admin -> Custom fields -> Project' and create a field of the type 'Long text' to hold the iframe link.
  2. Select the project custom field you've created in the plugin configuration, by going to Plugins -> Tab Plugin configuration options, under "Project Specific -> Tab Text".
  3. Inside your project you will need to add your iframe-link as the value of the project custom field you've selected. For example to embed Google:
    <iframe src="" style="border: 0" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
  4. Then use the project's Modules tab to enable the Tab module for the project; go to the preferred Redmine project -> "Project settings":
    • On the "Modules" tab: enable the plugin-module by checking "Tab".

After that, the new project menu item will show up in the project menu.

System-wide tab (link)

The plugin also provides the ability to add a new, system-wide top-menu tab (link). You can globally configure the name of the tab in the Plugins -> Tab Plugin configuration options, under "System wide -> Tab Name" (default is "System Tab Name").
The iframe-source for the new top menu link can be globally configured using the value of the plugin setting "System wide -> Tab Text" (default is "none").


  1. Backup the currently deployed Tab plugin (cp -r /plugins/redmine_tab /plugins/redmine_tab-backup)
  1. Reinstall the updated plugin:
    • using the command: git pull
  2. Restart your Redmine


  1. Remove the directory "redmine_tab" from the plugin-directory "../plugins"
  2. Restart Redmine


If you would like to report a bug or request a new feature you can open a new issue at the issue-tracking section of the plugins' GitHub site:
You can also post about the plugin in the dedicated plugin-section of the Redmine forums.

As an alternative you can also join the #redmine channel on the freenode IRC network to see if there is anyone who can provide some support.


  • Mischa the Evil for extensive updates and refactoring
  • Eric Davis for numerous fixes and new features


This plugin is open-source and licensed under the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL). See the included COPYRIGHT.txt and GPL.txt files for details.

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