The Change log

Note: The here explained feature has been merged within the Redmine roadmap and has been removed as a seperate view starting from Redmine 0.9.0 (specifically: done in r3162).


Redmine provides a change log, which provides a project-level overview of all closed issues, sorted per target version.

Changelog overview

Considering the fact that this is an overview of what has changed in the specified target-versions, only closed issues which have the target-version field filled are shown in this overview.

Changelog sidebar


The contextual sidebar on the right of the change log provides several things:

  • checkboxes and an apply-button to include/exclude issues from specific trackers on the changelog (which trackers are shown here with checkboxes depends on the individual tracker-configuration)
  • links to the configured target-versions of the project, where each link links to the change log itself starting with the selected target-version

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