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Jean-Philippe Lang, 2007-12-10 21:44

LDAP Authentication

Redmine natively supports LDAP authentication using one or multiple LDAP directories.

Declaring the LDAP

Go to Administration -> Authentification and click New authentication mode.

Enter the following:

  • Name: an arbitrary name for the directory
  • Host: the LDAP host name
  • Port: the LDAP port (default is 389)
  • LDAPS: check this if you want or need to use LDAPS to access the directory
  • Account: leave this field empty if your LDAP can be read anonymously, otherwise enter a username that has read access to the LDAP
  • Password: password for the account
  • Base DN: the top level DN of your LDAP directory tree
  • Login attribute: enter the name of the LDAP attribute that will be used as the Redmine username

Redmine users should now be able to authenticate using their LDAP username and password if their accounts are set to use the LDAP for authentication.
To test this, create a Redmine user with a login that matches his LDAP account and select the newly created LDAP in the Authentication mode drop-down list (this field is visible only if a LDAP is declared).

On the fly user creation

By checking on-the-fly user creation, any LDAP user will have his Redmine account automatically created the first time he logs into Redmine.
For that, you have to specify the LDAP attributes name (firstname, lastname, email) that will be used to create their Redmine accounts.

Here is an typical example using Active Directory:

Name     = My Directory
Host     =
Port     = 389
LDAPS    = no
Account  = MyDomain\UserName
Password = <password>
Base DN  = CN=users,DC=host,DC=domain,DC=org

On-the-fly user creation = yes
  Login     = sAMAccountName
  Firstname = givenName
  Lastname  = sN
  Email     = mail

Note that LDAP attribute names are case sensitive.


If you want to use on-the-fly user creation, make sure you don't have any user custom field marked as required.

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