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Karl Heinz Marbaise, 2008-12-28 21:50
Enhanced list.

Project Activity

The Project Activity page will give an historical log of at least all activities which had happen in the given project.

This will include changes to
  • Bugs, Features, Patches
  • Checkins into the repository (Changesets)
  • News Area

The above things are shown by default. Never the less you can activate list of changes to the wiki or to the Forums area (Messages).

(TODO: Add screenshot)

(TODO: Add List with symbols and their meanings).

In the following list Issue is an placeholder for Defect, Feature or Patch:
  • A new Issue has been created.
  • Issue has been resolved.
  • The given issue has been closed.
  • A Note to the issue has been added.
  • This means a changeset has been commited to the repository.
  • News items has been added to the news area.
  • A message in the forum areas has been changed or added.
  • A Comment to a message in the forum has been added.
  • A wiki page has been edited or newly created.
  • ??
  • A news document has been added or changed.
  • A new project has been added.

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