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Jean-Philippe Lang, 2007-09-29 13:33

Application Settings

  • Application title

Title which appears in heading of the application.

  • Welcome text

Text displayed on the home page of the application. This text can contain HTML tags.

  • Default language

The default language is selected when the application could not determine the user's browser language. The default language is also used when sending email to multiple users.

Default: English

  • Date format

Lets you choose how dates are displayed:

  • Language based: the dates will be displayed according to the format defined for each language (MM/JJ/AAAA for English)
  • ISO 8601: the dates will be always displayed with the ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD)

Default: Language based

  • Authent. required

If this option is checked, no page of the application is accessible in an anonymous way. The users must login to access it.

Default: No

  • Self-registration enabled

If this option is checked, self registration is allowed.

Default: Yes

  • Lost password

If this option is checked, lost password functionality is available.

Default: Yes

  • Attachment max. size

Maximum size of uploaded files (in kylo-bytes)

Default: 2048 (i.e. 2MB)

  • Issues export limit

Maximum number of issues contained in CSV and PDF exports.

Default: 500

  • Emission mail address

Email address used in the "From" field of messages sent to users.

  • Host name

Host name of the application. This name is used to write URL in emails sent to users.

  • Text formatting

Formatting method applied to the "description" fields of the issues, news, documents...

  • Wiki history compression

Lets you activate compression for wiki history storage (reduces database size).

Default: disabled

  • Feed content limit

Maximum number of records contained in RSS feeds.

Default: 15

  • Autofetch commits

If this option is activated, the application automatically retrieves the new revisions when a user consults the repository.

Default: Yes

You can disable this option and automate the call to Repository#fetch_changesets to regularly retrieve the revisions for all of the repositories in the background. Example:

ruby script/runner "Repository.fetch_changesets" -e production

  • Enable WS for repository management

This option should be activated only if you installed the script for automatic SVN repository creation.

Default: No

alternate_theme.png (13.7 KB) Jean-Philippe Lang, 2007-11-18 15:36