Returns the search results by the specified condition parameters.


  • offset: skip this number of results in response (optional)
  • limit: number of results in response (optional)
  • q: query strings. enable to specify multiple values separated by a space " ".

Optional filters:

  • scope: search scope condition
    • 'all': search all projects
    • 'my_project': search assigned projects
    • 'subprojects': include subproject when project spacified
  • all_words: matched all query strings or not
  • titles_only: matched only title or not
  • issues: include Issues or not
  • news: include News or not
  • documents: include Documents or not
  • changesets: include Changesets or not
  • wiki_pages: include Wiki Pages or not
  • messages: include Messages or not
  • projects: include Projects or not
  • open_issues: filterd by open issues.
  • attachments: filterd by description and attachment
    • '0': seach only in description
    • '1': search by description and attachment
    • 'only': search only in attachment


GET /search.xml?q=query_string

Paging example:
GET /search.xml?q=query_string&offset=0&limit=100

Filtering issues and wikis example:
GET /search.xml?q=issue_keyword wiki_keyword&issues=1&wiki_pages=1


<results total_count="2" offset="0" limit="25" type="array">
    <title>Wiki: Wiki_Page_Name</title>
    <description>h1. Wiki Page Name wiki_keyword</description>
    <title>Issue #10 (Closed): Issue_Title</title>
    <type>issue closed</type>