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Jan from Planio, 2010-04-30 15:41


Please read DevMeetings for information on how these meetings are scheduled and run

Proposed topics - in rough order of discussion

Overall Redmine
  • Creating a Long Term Vision of what Redmine aims to be, and overall direction of the project
    • Defining & publicizing a clear mission statement for the project
  • Restructure the development process to be more open
    • Teams (see below)
  • Rethinking Roles / Permissions on
Redmine Development
  • Getting more Contributors and removing blocks from existing Contributors
  • Teams
    • Create teams for various aspects of Redmine development and usage. Each team has a leader who has "ownership" of that area.
      • Documentation Team
      • Development Team (these guys have CI access)
      • Plugin Team
      • User Support team (in charge of forums and IRC)
  • Redmine become much more modular
  • Scheduling regular developer meetings
Redmine 1.0 Community Other Stuff
  • Fixing the Redmine forums
  • Plugin Directory
  • Themes
  • Making #redmine IRC more officially sanctioned

Committed Attendees

IRC nick / real name Who are you?
jplang / Jean-Philippe Lang Owner and Maintainer of Redmine
edavis10 / Eric Davis Core Contributor, plugin developer, founder of Little Stream Software
shanepearlman / Shane Pearlman Plugin / Core Funder
thegcat / Felix Schäfer
jamesturnbull / James Turnbull (may be unable to make it due to timing)
Khalsa / Muntek Singh Plugin Abuser, Introducing upcoming redmine-based product soon
meineerde / Holger Just Plugin developer. Interested in "enterprisy" features.
khaase / Konstantin Haase Plugin developer
Tohuw / Ron Adams Interested in documentation and development teams
yeahrock / Jan Schulz-Hofen Plugin developer, founder of Planio
pmphq / Igor Balk Plugin developer, interested in UX improvements, founder of PMP HQ
emilianoh / Emiliano heyns Plugin dev, redmine_backlogs, a Scrum/Agile plugin
relaxdiego / Mark Maglana Plugin dev, redmine_backlogs, a Scrum/Agile plugin
MikeXIII / Mike K Just an average Redmine enthusiast ;)
salvor / Jean-Baptiste Barth Plugin dev
Yohann Monnier Would like to be Core Rest Contributor / plugin contributor
schmidtwisser / Gregor Schmidt General Redmine enthusiast
dfishel / Dillon Fishel General Redmine User
elmt / Eric Thomas
hwinkel/ Holger Winkelmann General Redmine enthusiast, may become Plugin Funder
aaronmueller/ Aaron Mueller Maintain a Redmine installation on a university and submit patches

Actual Attendee List

IRC nick Real Name
Khalsa Muntek Singh
yeahrock Jan Schulz-Hofen


The IRC log of the meeting will be made available here once we figure out the best way to do that. Also a summary of actionable items will be posted here after the meeting

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