Meeting of Team Leaders
June 19th 1300 UTC


  • Team Leaders checkin and report activity and other updates
  • 0.9.5 release
  • Bundler
  • Bugmash 1.0
  • Bug triage and feature planning
    • What to do with old bugs? Old support requests? Old but duplicated requests? When to consider stuff outdated?
    • How to decide what is in scope for Redmine? For official plugins? Third party plugins?
  • User Support: Redmine install guides (common platforms/env)

Notes on Topics

0.9.5 release

Need to focus on getting 0.9.5's bugs completed for a release next week.


Hold off on Bundler until it and Rails 3 are stable. Probably Redmine 1.1.0. See #5638.

Bugmash 1.0

The bugmash is currently going on. There are 5 people "signed up" to help. Please send any patches or tickets to Eric Davis to get them committed.

Bug triage and feature planning

Decided to make decisions about bugs instead of letting them sit. The Triage team should assign bugs with "scope questions" to Eric Davis for review.

User Support: Redmine install guides (common platforms/env)

Quick discussion about keeping around older install documentation. Thoughts about maintaining the current release and the previous release. Left the discussion up to the Documentation team.

Topics for next session

  • Cross team communication (e.g. if UX team needs some development done, how should that work)
  • Fixing permissions on
  • Fixing the Redmine forums
  • Plugin Directory
  • Themes
  • Making #redmine IRC more officially sanctioned
  • Blog

Committed Attendee List

IRC nick Real Name
edavis10 Eric Davis
meineerde Holger Just
mosfet Ngewi Fet

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