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Eric Davis, 2010-09-26 21:09


Meeting of Team Leaders
October 20th 1500 UTC


  • Team Leaders checkin and report activity and other updates
  • Plans for Redmine 1.1.0

Notes on Topics

Topics for next session

Committed Attendee List

IRC nick Real Name
edavis10 Eric Davis
Khalsa Muntek Singh
meineerde Holger Just
Mischa_The_Evil Mischa
Mischa_The_Something Something
Igor13 Igor Balk
thegcat Felix Schäfer

TeamLeadMeeting3-20101020.log - IRC Log of the Team lead Meeting held at 20101020 in #redmine-dev@Freenode (46.9 KB) Aleksander Lygren Toppe, 2010-10-20 19:57