ArchLinux Theme

This is a derivative of the default Redmine theme. It is based on the Design found on the ArchLinux website.

As at october 2014: the links to the source of this theme no longer work.
It appears to be a dead parrot. (to copy Monty Python)


Markus M. May and the team of the ArchLinux Devstack.


This theme does change the header to look more like the design of the ArchLinux website. It uses an image for the header, which is included in the distribution as well.


Projects List Project Activity
Project New Issue Project Issuelist

Obtaining the theme

The theme can be downloaded as packaged releases here or the latest version of the theme can be downloaded from the corresponding git-page at the ArchLinux Development Stack.


Follow the Redmine theme installation steps at:


  • Initial Release


This theme is open source and released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL).


Support is provided by the author of the theme itself. For getting help or discussing about the theme, you can browse the Homepage.

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