Redmine Squeejee theme

A theme for Redmine which is based on a dark but "shiny" color-scheme and which includes a subtle (re)styled project-menu.

The theme has not been updated since about 2009 - and some have reported problems accessing the source: : but I found these locations: , (At 4 June 2014)

Packager and maintainer

  • Mischa The Evil

Initial author


For the complete history of the theme's creation you could see this forum-thread.


For the complete changelog see the CHANGELOG-file in the Squeejee theme directory.

Latest stable release

The currently available, latest stable release of the theme is version 0.2.0.


The Squeejee© theme is an updated, packaged release of Wynn Netherland's work for Squeejee's internal Redmine instance. It initially was a heavily modified derivation of the alternate theme which required Redmine core hacks but is made stand-alone and working without core hacks (by using the core's support for project-menu item styling (r2059)) for this release.

It's looks can be best described as a dark theme with gradient backgrounds, dark-gray and bold links, but all with a "shiny" and "friendly" touch. It reintroduces the project-menu item-icons with the extension that styling of third-party plugins (including selected icons) is supported too.
Also the overflow to a second line of the project-menu, when using a lot of plugins with menu-items, is handled without disturbing the surrounding layout and elements.

The colour-scheme basically consists of three basic colours: black, grey and white.

It includes:
  • issue-colouring in the issuelist, based on default priority-enumerations for issues
  • more sophistically styled "tabs", "tables", etc.
  • (project-menu item styling) support for (lots of) third-party plugins


Home Project overview
Home thumb Overview thumb
Project roadmap Project issuelist
Roadmap thumb Issuelist thumb
Issue Issue journal
Issue thumb Issue journal thumb
Repository 2nd project-menu line + plugin support
Repository thumb Second project-menu line thumb


The following compatibility information only applies to version 0.2.0 of the Squeejee theme.

0.2.0 Redmine Compatibility

This release requires at least Redmine 0.8.0 and is compatible with the Redmine trunk and the 0.8-stable branch as visible in the following table:

Redmine Branch: Revision/Release: Tested: Compatible: Comments: Supported:
Trunk CURRENT Yes Yes Yes
0.8-stable CURRENT Yes Yes Yes
0.8-stable 0.8.4 Yes Yes Yes
0.8-stable 0.8.3 Yes Yes Yes
0.8-stable 0.8.2 Yes Yes Yes
0.8-stable 0.8.1 Yes Yes Yes
0.8-stable 0.8.0 Yes Yes Yes
0.7-stable 0.7.x No Unknown No

0.2.0 Browser Compatibility

This release of the theme is (for about 99%) compatible with the major browser-engines. Though some tiny differences may occur between different browsers. Some known things are listed in the following table:

Rendering Engine: Browser: Version: Tested: Compatible: Comments: Supported:
WebKit Google Chrome Yes Yes Yes
WebKit Google Chrome Yes Yes Yes
Gecko Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10 Yes Yes Yes
Trident Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x Yes No IE7 misses full-support for the inherit-value and the :before pseudo-element (which are defined by CSS 2.1) Yes, this only has some minor effect on the design of the issue-journals
Trident Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702 Yes Yes Yes
WebKit Apple Safari (Win32) 3.2.3 Yes Yes Yes
Presto Opera 9.64 Yes Yes Yes

0.2.0 Extension Compatibility

The following table reflects the current out-of-the-box support for third-party plugins by the Squeejee theme:

Plugin name Class name Support-type Project menu icon-name
Budget budget Menu money--pencil.png
Budget deliverables Menu money--pencil.png
Bugcloud bugcloud Menu tags-label.png
Burndown burndown Menu / Other burn.png
Charts charts Menu / Other monitor.png
Code Review code-review Menu ruler--pencil.png
Customer customers Menu user-business.png
Embedded embedded Menu layout-select-content.png
EzBookshelf books Menu books-stack.png
EzLibrarian treasures Menu trophy.png
EzFAQ ezfaq Menu question-balloon.png
Google Calendar google-calendar Menu / Other calendar-month.png
Graphs n/a Other n/a
Invoices Invoices Menu notebooks--pencil.png
Invoices invoice Menu notebooks--pencil.png
Project Scores Scores Menu ui-progress-bar.png
Project Scores scores Menu ui-progress-bar.png
Schedules schedules Menu report--exclamation.png
Scrum scrum Menu projection-screen--pencil.png
Scrumdashboard dashboard Menu dashboard--pencil.png
Simple CI Integration Menu pill--exclamation.png
Simple CI simple-ci Menu pill--exclamation.png
Status Updates Status + Updates Menu tick-shield.png
Status Updates statuses Menu tick-shield.png
Status Updates Status + Updates Menu tick-shield.png
Tabs tab Menu / Other layout-2.png
Task Board task-board Menu / Other dashboard--pencil.png
Todo Lists todo-lists Menu hammer--arrow.png
Todo Lists todos Menu hammer--arrow.png


The theme can be downloaded as a packaged release from:


  1. Download the theme from the available sources (see Obtaining)
  2. Install the theme as described at:


  1. Download the latest archive file from the available sources (see Obtaining)
  2. Backup the currently deployed squeejee theme (mv /public/themes/squeejee /public/themes/squeejee-backup)
  3. Unzip the downloaded file to your Redmine into the theme-directory "../public/themes"
  4. Restart your Redmine


  1. Remove the directory "squeejee" from the theme-directory "../public/themes"
  2. Restart Redmine


Thanks goes out to the following people:


This theme is open-source and licensed under the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL). Certain icons are part of the Fugue icon-set ( which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.


If you need help, would like to report a bug or request a new feature you can contact the
author via mail (mischa_the_evil [AT] hotmail [DOT] com) or at his (upcoming) website:

As an alternative you can also join the #redmine-channel on the freenode IRC network to see if the maintainer is connected (with the nickname Mischa_The_Evil).

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