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13:32 Redmine Feature #20928 (New): Query permission by project
I need to create a query on issues and then set on which projects/subprojects the same query will be enabled.
Now t...
Andrea Saccavini
13:14 Redmine Feature #20927 (Closed): Group_by due_date on issue filter
It would be nice tu group by due date the output of a filter on issues.
Andrea Saccavini


13:00 Redmine Feature #10861 (Closed): Processing incoming e-mails from anonymus users
It is necessary to put the "from" address of an incoming e-mail processed by redmine in a custom filed when the optio... Andrea Saccavini


15:50 Redmine Help: Incoming email: create issues and anonymous user
Is there the possibility to create issues from incoming IMAP emails and to put the "from" address content automatical... Andrea Saccavini


17:05 Redmine Help: RE: custom field. From of the mail.
I have the same problem but no answer!
alicia dddd wrote:
> I had a redmine. I had put than unknown user c...
Andrea Saccavini


10:08 Redmine Feature #10353 (New): Custom fields "list" functionality
Because of the BIG number of values that a list can have, it would be nice to have two new features:
* order the v...
Andrea Saccavini


14:48 Redmine Patch #10258: Italian translation for 1.3-stable
Ops, sorry
pasquale [:dedalus] wrote:
> Added patch to cleanup r8897 ("Schegli" must be "Scegli")
Andrea Saccavini
10:46 Redmine Patch #10258 (Closed): Italian translation for 1.3-stable
Some new labels do not have Italian translation.
Here is a suggestion:
text_git_repository_note: Il repositor...
Andrea Saccavini


08:44 Redmine Feature #3055: Option to copy attachments when copying an issue
+ 1 Andrea Saccavini


17:27 Redmine Feature #8724: Plug-in's directory improvement
Cyril Dubus wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a suggestion for the Redmine's project, and I'm very surprised that nobo...
Andrea Saccavini

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