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10:59 Redmine Defect #38021 (Closed): Development mode, class-reloader is not work. Haihan Ji


10:51 Redmine Help: ActionController::MissingExactTemplate (WelcomeController#index is missing a template for request formats: text/html)
I download 5.0.4, and open it with RubyMine(2021.3) as a new project.
Everything looks fine. Run(Shift+F10) and Debu...
Haihan Ji


05:59 Redmine Defect #28133 (New): Controller patch causes Helper Patch down
Create two plugins, one named 'test_001', another is 'test_002'.
h1. test_001...
Haihan Ji


04:56 Redmine Patch #25265: QueriesController can not handle subclass of IssueQuery
Maybe %{color:red}@klass < Query@% is better than %{color:red}@klass && Haihan Ji


08:09 Redmine Patch #25265 (Closed): QueriesController can not handle subclass of IssueQuery
I have a PivotQuery, it's a subclass of IssueQuery.
But Query don't think it is subclass of himself.
So, r15635 let...
Haihan Ji


06:13 Redmine Plugins: RE: Context menu problem after upgrade 3.3
Well, I made it.
Old: ...
Haihan Ji
01:48 Redmine Plugins: Context menu problem after upgrade 3.3
A few days ago, I upgrade redmine to3.3. It a disaster!
We have many customize plugins that use @ApplicationHelper...
Haihan Ji
01:37 Redmine Plugins: Can it autoload?
When I modify a patch module, I have to restart the server to make it work?
Any methods to avoid restart?
Below i...
Haihan Ji


20:57 Redmine Defect #24019 (Closed): GIT not update no update.
The latest update about one month ago.
My sites follow cannot get lat...
Haihan Ji


18:20 Redmine Feature #23529 (Closed): Calculate parent Issue's done ratio from subtasks in case of 'Use the issue status'
Admin -> Settings -> Issue Tracking:
> Calculate the issue done ratio with => 'Use the issue status'
> Parent tasks...
Haihan Ji

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