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10:54 Redmine Feature #14034 (New): Ability to choose diff algorithm type for git (patience, histogram)
It would be nice to get the ability to choose the different git diff algorithm types.
* patience
* histogram
Prof. Dr. YoMan
10:38 Redmine Feature #11414: Ignore whitespace when using GIT
+1 Prof. Dr. YoMan


12:07 Redmine Feature #5272: Allow multiple target versions
I falsely issued a duplicate of this, but from what I see it is a more than once requested feature.
Why isn't it a...
Prof. Dr. YoMan
11:16 Redmine Feature #13779 (Closed): Allow to set more than one target version for a ticket
In case of having a ticket wich should be fixed for two or more target versions it would be nice to set more than one... Prof. Dr. YoMan


16:19 Redmine Feature #1339: Comments on revisions
I would love to see this bundled in redmine. Right now not having it (ok, plugin) is the only cause for me to ins...
Prof. Dr. YoMan


09:23 Redmine Feature #5490: Option for independent subtask priority/start date/due date/done ratio
+1 Prof. Dr. YoMan


10:55 Redmine Defect #11188: Unable to change "priority", "start date", "due date" ... on parent task
Could you please give me a pointer which issue is duplicated? I cant find it. Prof. Dr. YoMan


13:59 Redmine Defect #11188: Unable to change "priority", "start date", "due date" ... on parent task
Pressed enter to fast ...
As soon as i create a subtask I am unable to change the "priority", "start date", "due d...
Prof. Dr. YoMan
13:56 Redmine Defect #11188 (Closed): Unable to change "priority", "start date", "due date" ... on parent task
Prof. Dr. YoMan


14:09 Redmine Feature #11174 (New): Rexexp for "Referencing keywords" and "Fixing keywords" for repositories
It would be nice to get something like this as log entry catched:
"Merged branch (user/#123-fix-the-damn-thing)"
Prof. Dr. YoMan

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