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08:13 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine with Remote Git
As this is the first Google page, I'll necropost a new solution here: Victor Sergienko


15:56 Redmine Help: RE: How to create Redmine Git repository and avoid - "404 The entry or revision was not found in the repository."
Same stuff here. Victor Sergienko


12:23 Redmine Feature #11357: OpenId provider selection
Obsoleted by, I believe. Victor Sergienko


21:43 Redmine Feature #7623: "Create and continue" should default issue fields to previous issue's values
@Ivan, why multiplying entities? Do you have a use case that reasons these two cases? Victor Sergienko
12:10 Redmine Feature #7623 (New): "Create and continue" should default issue fields to previous issue's values
When creating a bunch of issues, I'd probably like to file them to a same target. It would make sense to pre-fill not... Victor Sergienko
11:58 Redmine Feature #3033: Bug Reporting: Using "Create and continue" should show bug id of saved bug
Great thing to have. It could even be an issue link.
Can it be that the patch is not accepted due because it breaks ...
Victor Sergienko


13:12 Redmine Feature #2009: Manually add related revisions
I'd be happy if "associated revisions" were auto-picked up from issue comments. Victor Sergienko


15:39 Redmine Patch #4776: Totals for Estimated Time
May I ask you one more thing? On Redmine 1.1, with subtasks, it counts subtasks' hours alongside with parent's, so a ... Victor Sergienko


15:24 Redmine Patch #4776: Totals for Estimated Time
Thank you a lot!
What version is the for? TotalEstimatedTime.patch didn't apply to my 1.0.3 (2010-10-31), though s...
Victor Sergienko
10:55 Redmine Patch #2268: Patch to show Total Estimated Time at the bottom of each list of issues.
Hi Evan,
Can you please share your patch in some way? I'd like to have it very much.
Victor Sergienko

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