Redmine with Remote Git

Added by jollibee yoe over 15 years ago

when i use /home/myapp/.git, it works, but if i use git@someserver:myapp.git, it doesn't.

So my question is:
1, Is redmine work with remote git repository?
2, if it doesn't, so, i have to create a local repository? and then, how to 'git pull' the local repository automatically?

Thanks for the reply.

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RE: Redmine with Remote Git - Added by Jean-Baptiste Barth over 15 years ago

As far as I know, Redmine doesn't support remote git repos for the moment. You should see here : , at the end of the page ; it is suggested to have a bare local repo and to pull it regularly with a cron task. Good luck !

RE: Redmine with Remote Git - Added by Victor Sergienko about 9 years ago

As this is the first Google page, I'll necropost a new solution here:

Now I wish there was a way to connect a local bare repo, not only a "bare mirror" like it is now - in order to connect a local repo without duplicating it.