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16:19 Redmine Help: RE: Issue Submitter not being notified of updates
Thanks I've just run into exactly the same issue and was going to go back to using the API until I read this. The au...


16:12 Redmine Feature #1554: Private comments in tickets
+1 Is anyone on the Redmine team looking at putting this onto the roadmap? Thanks


12:00 Redmine Feature #1088: Time logging via commit messages
It would also possibly need to take an activity value as well as the time. +1


11:19 Redmine Feature #1459: Global Holidays calendar
These should be downloadable for a particular country from a central server with the ability to then add your own det...


13:07 Redmine Help: Changing default environment with mongrel
Hi all,
Ruby implementation and version
- Rails 2.1.0
- Centos 5
- Mysql 5.0.45
- Mongrel
I'm currently try...


13:05 Redmine Feature #1245: close versions
+1 We are deploying a large number of versions to our live system currently. We would like to maintain a list of old...
13:01 Redmine Feature #1011: Add voting to tickets


16:30 Redmine Feature #784: Adobe AIR based Fatclient
Hi Martin / everyone,
I just wondered if you had made any progress with an AIR client before I start looking at this.


14:29 Redmine Feature #1349 (New): SVN Deployment managed by Redmine
In some other hosted system there is functionality to deploy a SVN repository via ftp or ssh to a remote server. (ht...

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