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22:23 Redmine Feature #23413: synchronize Textile and Markdown documents
Hiroo Hayashi wrote:
> Please double check if I did not break anything.
I've checked them and both seem to be OK....
dumb blob


09:48 Redmine Feature #15520: Markdown formatting
A new issue on Markdown with HTML is created. Fell free to add yourself to watchers. dumb blob
09:47 Redmine Feature #20497 (Closed): Markdown formatting supporting HTML
As discussed in #15520#note-16 currently HTML is disabled. This brings several *important issues* which need to be ad... dumb blob


20:05 Redmine Feature #3660: Configurable subject of notification email for issue_add/issue_edit
I'm as well raising my hand for having customizable subjects.
dumb blob
15:28 Redmine Feature #15520: Markdown formatting
> In my years of using Markdown, I've never felt the need for HTML. As this discussion itself illustrates, there is e... dumb blob
09:13 Redmine Feature #15520: Markdown formatting
> Well, there currently isn't an online equivalent of [[RedmineTextFormatting]] for Markdown syntax (yet). The refere... dumb blob
09:15 Redmine Feature #16373: TextFormatting help for Markdown formatting
In the discussion starting with there was a revelation of Redmine having ... dumb blob


21:40 Redmine Feature #15520: Markdown formatting
@dezhi Markdown documentation is completely missing. I'd recommend this interactive documentation http://agea.github.... dumb blob


13:52 Redmine Feature #3143: Add an 'Add Note' function to issue, to avoid optimistic-lock of issue' update when user just want to add a note
I'd like to raise my hand for this as well. It's utterly important for our organization as it's by far the most frequ... dumb blob

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