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11:18 Redmine Defect #27975 (Closed): CSV export of different language
Default language was Russian (Cyrillic). And all issues written in Cyrillic. Export issues to csv was fine.
When we ...


11:06 Redmine Feature #6571: Totalise numeric columns


22:15 Redmine Help: Change from field in email notification
How to change from field in email notification.
Now i recieve email from: _xxxxx@yyyyyy.zzz_(i see only *xxxxx*) but...


09:35 Redmine Defect #19168: Activity: changes made to tickets are shown multiple times


18:39 Redmine Feature #6554: Export Documents from a categorie to one PDF
18:19 Redmine Feature #4586: Export Documents to PDF
Alex Crawford wrote:
> Please, why this is available in "Wiki", but not "Document", where document is more likely to...

Also available in: Atom