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13:44 Redmine Feature #4864: Global statistics about Redmine usage
Is this plugin available for redmine 3.0.7 ? Frederic Cand


14:42 Redmine Feature #19966 (New): Related issues displayed on "issues" page should be prefixed by project name
Frederic Cand
14:21 Redmine Feature #19965 (Closed): values of custom fileds of version type should be prefixed with or grouped by project name
*Steps to reproduce*
* create projects hierarchy
* create versions shared with project tree
* create a custom fiel...
Frederic Cand


11:59 Redmine Feature #19955 (New): Propose to close an issue that duplicates another one when the later is already closed
*Steps to reproduce*
# create an issue A
# mark it "fixed" (or any "closed" status)
# create another issue B
# ad...
Frederic Cand


15:50 Redmine Defect #19947 (New): Browse repository in sub projects
It is currently (3.0.2) impossible to browse a repository in subprojects, whereas it is possible to refer to changese... Frederic Cand


11:50 Redmine Feature #19754 (New): Do not prefix "Version" columns in "Issues" page with project name if the project column is displayed
'''Steps to reproduce'''
* create a project and subprojects
* create an issue in a subproject
* go in "Issues...
Frederic Cand

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